If you use TASMANIAN, please cite in your paper the manual and our work on global and locally adaptive grids.


User Manual

Version 5.1

- added custom CUDA kernels for evaluations for LocalPolynomial grids
- CUDA accelerated evaluations can be used from MATLAB
- numerous bug fixes and performance enhancements

TASMANIAN v5.1 (April 2018)


Version 5.0

TASMANIAN v5.0 (October 2017)(4.8Mb)

Version 4.0

TASMANIAN Sparse Grids v4.0 (February 2017)(1.4Mb)

Version 3.1

TASMANIAN Sparse Grids v3.1 (February 2016)(1.4Mb)

Version 3.0

TASMANIAN Sparse Grids v3.0 (October 2015)(1.3Mb)

Version 2.0:

TASMANIAN Sparse Grids v2.0 (October 2014)(769Kb)

Version 1.0:

TASMANIAN Sparse Grids v1.0 (August 2013)(719Kb)