If you use TASMANIAN, please cite in your paper the manual and our work on global and locally adaptive grids.


User Manual

Version 5.0

- added DiffeRential Evolution Adaptive Metropolis (DREAM) module for random sampling and Bayesian inference
- added BLAS and cuBLAS support for Nvidia GPUs
- overhaul of the build engine

TASMANIAN Sparse Grids v5.0 (October 2017)(4.8Mb)

Version 4.0

- new license, as of version 4.0 Tasmanian is distributed under three-clause BSD license
- cmake is the new preferred way to build the library, note that simple GNU make is still supported
- added Python interface, version 4.0 provides a Python module that implements a Python class that wraps around the C++ library using ctypes

TASMANIAN Sparse Grids v4.0 (February 2017)(1.4Mb)

Version 3.1

- Fixed a major bug in saving custom transforms with the read/write commands
- Added support for MS Visual C++ compiler
- See the README file for full list of changes

TASMANIAN Sparse Grids v3.1 (February 2016)(1.4Mb)

Version 3.0

WARNING: Grids saved with version 1.0 and 2.0 are incompatible with version 3.0 due to the new and more efficient data structures. See the UserManual.pdf for various interface changes.

TASMANIAN Sparse Grids v3.0 (October 2015)(1.3Mb)

Version 2.0:

TASMANIAN Sparse Grids v2.0 (October 2014)(769Kb)

Version 1.0:

TASMANIAN Sparse Grids v1.0 (August 2013)(719Kb)